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What we do 

Ortus Global sources global agricultural commodities, supplying customers worldwide. We work with major agricultural commodities suppliers around the world, providing professional services to end users and trading partners and achieving outstanding cost efficiency and competitiveness. 

We offer a wide range of agriculture commodities, originating in the USA, Canada, Ukraine, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Africa. In this rapidly changing commodities world, we work closely with our clients to achieve optimum targets and market competitiveness.



  • Trading services

  • Futures pricing

  • Logistics Monitoring


  • Commodities brokerage

  • Marketing advisory

  • Documentation services



Grains & Oil Seeds

  • Corn

  • Wheat

  • Barley

  • Sorghum

  • Soybean

  • Flaxseeds

  • Cottonseeds


  • DDGS

  • Soybean Meal

  • Sunflower Seeds Meal

  • Canola Meal

  • Wheat Bran/ Pellet

  • Wheat Flour

  • Corn Gluten Meal

  • Corn Gluten Feed

  • Palm Kernel Expeller

  • Copra Meal

Eatable Oil

  • Soybean Oil

  • Sunflower Oil

  • Canola Oil

  • Palm Oil

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