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Who we are




Founded in 2010, Ortus Global is a worldwide provider of agricultural and industrial solutions. We are located in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Korea and Nigeria, serving our customers globally in different markets.

We are also a real estate developer in Vietnam, currently focusing on residential and commercial development projects in northern central province of Ha Tinh.


Ortus Agriculture is the leading agricultural commodities marketing firm in Taiwan, Vietnam and Korea, serving both the food and feed industries.


Ortus Industry produces, distributes and provides services for automation products. Ortus Global is an authorised distributor of  TECO Products in Nigeria. Established in 1956, TECO has earned a reputation as a reliable manufacturer of superior quality Electric Motors, Variable Speed Drive systems and Motor control products. These products are all designed, manufactured and tested to meet the highest International Standards.

Our in-depth, tailor-made services in both industries have allowed us to build long-term relationships and to evolve with our valuable customers in the rapidly changing and competitive business world.





Ortus is a Latin word with several meanings: origin, source, rise, and East. These represent the essence of our company, rising from the East, sourcing and originating commodities, providing industrial and household solutions and serving our customers globally in the agricultural and industrial sectors, which are the backbone and the foundation of the global economy.


The separation of a pyramid in our logo indicates the structure of our industry. From top to bottom, each segment plays a different role. We constantly evlove our businesses and services by cooperating with and learning from different segments in the industry.

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