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Low Voltage Three Phase Induction Motor

  • Low Voltage electric motors (cast iron/aluminium) 

  • LV Variable speed drives

Ortus Electric Motors


  • AEEP/AEVP series

  • Electricity and energy saving - complying with IEC standard of global market requirements

  • Excellent Starting - High torque and low voltage starting, which is surpassing features of IEC Design N. It is suitable for all kinds of industrial Machinery Operations. The Size of the Motor and outout function conform to IEC standard all over the world

  • Ultra quiet - The motor adopts high efficiency design, low loss ratio, high efficient air deflector for outer fan, and precise processing effectively lower noise volume

  • Slow rise in temperature and longer life span - Equipped with Class F insulation, Class B ring of temperature and 1.0/1.15 service factor, these features effectively prolong lifespan of motors

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