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F510 (Fan and Pump AC Drive)

Model (IP20/NEMA1); (IP55/NEMA12)

  • 200-240V 1-175HP

  • 380-480V 1-800HP

  • 380-480V 1-800HP

Variable Speed Drive


  • Built-in Modbus RTU, BACnet MS/TP, or Metasys

  • (N2) communications via on-board connection  

  • Constant - Pressure Control. Two separate PID loop controls.

  • Switch between PID loops based on input signal or real-time clock setting.

  • IPM/SPM Motor Control.

  • Built-in pump cascade control for up to 4 pumps. Option card for control of up to 8 pumps.

  • Ideal Product for Fan, Industrial Pump, HVAC, Irrigation .

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