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DC Motors

Type of DC Motors

  • Series, Shunt,Compound.   

  • Standards: BS5000, IEC, NEMA

  • We also produce made-to- order motors to cater your special needs.

Electric Motor


  • Direct Current motors are ideally suited to a multitude of industrial applications in which high torque and variable speed are required.

  • 1/2 ~ 3,000 HP (0.4 ~ 2,200 KW)

  • 500 ~ 1,800 RPM (Base Speed)

  • Enclosure: IP 23, IP 44, IP 54, IP 55

  • Cooling: IC06, IC37, IC0666, ICW37A86

  • DC Controllers / Control Panels Digital or Analogs, 2Q or 4Q, Armature Current Ratings (Adc): 3A ~ 2700A, Armature Voltage: 150 ~ 750 Vdc

  • Special requirements on either DC motors or DC control Panels may be provided on request.

  • A full line of Induction, Synchronous  and DC motors are available in both horizontal and vertical configurations from 1/4 HP up to 60,000 HP.

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